Outsource Structural Steel Detailing Services  


The detailed structural drawings as a result of the steel detailing process assists fabricators and site engineers in developing and installing steel frameworks accurately. MSK Consultants and Engineers (MSK) provides structural steel detailing services using software like Tekla and Advance Steel. Understanding the overall design intent from the architectural and structural drawings, our steel detailers create an extensive set of drawings for the purpose of fabrication. 

Our team develops and delivers multi-layered steel drawings that include assembly details and layout instructions for reference during cutting, welding, erection, and installation. Having worked on vivid structural engineering projects for commercial complexes, office buildings, college structures, residential houses, hospitals, stadiums, etc., we adhere to the global steel standards and codes. For more information on our services and pricing models, contact us.  

Steel Detailing Services Provided by MSK Consultants 


Customer requirements and satisfaction being our foremost priority, all our steel detailing drawings are delivered in the formats of choice. Here are some of our steel detailing services: 

Structural Load & Performance Analysis 

Our team analyzes the design drawings and carries out gravity load analysis and lateral load analysis to provide detailed reports on the overall performance and stability of the steel structure. We also suggest design modifications based on our analysis on an ad-hoc basis. 

Steel Fabrication Drafting & Shop Drawing 

Our detailers do the fabrication drafting and provide the shop drawings outlining the steel components such as the beams, trusses, columns, braces, etc. Our shop drawings include the dimensions, component sizes, and material specification details. 

Steel 3D Modeling Service 

Along with extracted or detailed shop drawings and erection drawings, we also provide the structural 3D model of the entire steel framework and independent units using advanced software like Tekla Structures. Our team helps visualize the structure accommodating a few design changes or markups. 

Steel Installation Drawing 

Outlining the layout as well as the placement of the steel components for erection and installation as part of the structure. The installation or erection drawings include the precise positions, sizes, and directions of the components, as well as installation instructions. 

Avail the Benefits of Precise and Detailed Steel Detailing from MSK 


Along with delivering quality structural performance reports and detailed shop drawings, the clients can outsource to avail the following benefits: 

  • Advanced structural analysis techniques – Our engineering team makes use of ERFO and ASO structural analysis techniques to analyze the steel framework. 
  • Adherence to global practices & codes – As specified by the client, all our steel detailing drawings and reports adhere to AISC, BS, NISD, ASTM, ACI, and more. 
  • Access to cutting-edge infrastructure – With expertise in software like Tekla, ProSteel, Advance Steel, etc., as well as the advanced infrastructure, we deliver quality drawings. 
  • Aligning design drawings with fabrication drawings – Even with design changes and additional markups, our detailers are expert enough to create the right set of fabrication and erection drawings. 

Outsource Structural Steel Detailing to the Steel Detailers at MSK 


MSK has been dealing with steel detailing projects for years with varied sizes and complexity. Adept at analyzing the structural drawings and creating the detailed steel fabrication drawings as well as the reference documents for the steel component installation, our team has helped numerous clients in different geographies. With transparent process and proactive communication, if you are looking for a reliable steel detailing service provider, contact the team at MSK Consultants.