Geospatial mapping, with its interactive overlays and 3D models, enables civil engineers to gauge the problems even before the pouring of the first ton of concrete. At MSK Consultants, our geospatial services involve storing, capturing, checking, analyzing, and presenting various kinds of geographic data. With quality products and services in various fields of spatial technology applications such as photogrammetry and vertical and horizontal integration of satellite and aerial remote sensing data, MSK helps create GIS databases, positioning applications, networking of GIS databases, and providing of GIS-enabled web services.  

Spotlight being on geospace, our team comprehends patterns that are not easy to see using conventional data analytics and visualization. We are geared towards creating innovative and specific geospatial offerings to keep up with the changing technology world where local intelligence is becoming popular. For more information on how to collaborate, contact us. 

Geospatial Mapping Services from MSK Consultants 


Being a project management consulting service provider, our engineers enable companies to better comprehend spatial patterns and relationships by linking data that seems unrelated. We provide a variety of geospatial services that are both affordable and reliable. As part of our civil engineering services, listed below are the geospatial mapping services that MSK offers: 

Photogrammetric Services 

We provide texture 3D Objects from AutoCAD files and highway corridor mapping as part of our photogrammetry services that we offer. Few other photogrammetric services also include: 

  • Building, road, railways, and vegetation planimetric mapping 
  • Creation of supreme quality and high definition digital topographic maps 
  • Orthophoto production and 3D collection or DEM  

Topographic Mapping 

Our team of experts evaluates the terrain for planning various kinds of buildings and structures with suitable support measures. Having several years of experience in GIS services and land development, MSK provides assistance in energy transportation, hydrological studies, land use planning assessment, and urban architectural projects, among others. The georeferencing of our topographical maps is top-notch and in adherence to international regulations. 

Planimetric Mapping 

As part of our planimetric mapping services, our experienced team digitalizes planimetric mapping data from aerial photography to use it as a base layer of a GIS. We use photogrammetry to identify the precise position of surface points. At MSK, we provide accurate and aesthetically appealing planimetric data to meet the specifications of any GIS. 

LiDAR Mapping 

We provide LiDAR mapping services for mapping site corridors, archeology, forestry, and utilities. Using the newest geospatial technology, our team collects positional data for our customer’s assets. OurLiDAR services are perfect for surveying natural as well as human-made environment. They are applicable for roads, railway, or large area surveys.  

Terrain Modeling 

As part of our civil engineering service, we provide a digital terrain modeling that comprises topographical survey gathering, GIS, and photogrammetric data for a given site. We then use the software to translate this into a countered ground map. Apart from being affordable, we ensure accuracy and quick turnaround in our terrain modeling services.  

GIS Survey and Modeling 

The GIS designers and developers at MSK make sure that survey teams that capture the initial information have the correct brief. The team is hence in a position to provide a crucial part of GIS surveying services. Evidence of adherence in construction and optimal decision making, landscaping, and conservation projects is dependent on accurate data being generated and properly processed. 

Orthophoto Production Services 

Orthophotos is a crucial tool in civil engineering. We provide accurate and high-quality orthophoto production services and offer benefits such as delivery on time, precise imaging, uniform geometry, and large-scale project mapping. The team at MSK combines data acquired from aerial imagery and required GIS systems to produce quick, strong, and vibrant photogrammetric representations. 

Outsource Geospatial Services to the GIS Specialists at MSK Consultants 


At MSK, we are proud to be able to assemble multi-disciplinary teams to handle extremely challenging projects both within and across all markets, thanks to our team of geospatial experts. Being a leading civil, architectural engineering, and BIM consulting service provider, our services are made available through our proprietary ML, automation, and AI tools.  

We ensure absolute control and preciseness in processes at affordable costs. Our team of skilled professionals enables companies to explore data from the perspective of geospace to increase profit. Today, the world of technology is changing very rapidly, with local intelligence being given great significance. MSK Consultants is at the forefront of developing precise and creative geospatial offerings by stressing geospatial intelligence. Contact us today for all geospatial services of your company.