MSK Consultants is a leading project management consulting provider to the AEC (Architectural, Electrical, Civil, and Structural) sector. With a team of highly experienced project management consultants comprising of architects, engineers, and BIM specialists, MSK has been assisting construction firms for over a decade. Having worked in different geographies with a variety of project challenges, our team has the experience and skill to understand the requirements and how to deal with them all. 

Starting from project bidding and award phases to project kickoff, our MSK offers you complete peace of mind with end-to-end PMC services. Be it project planning, risk analysis, claims management, design audit, constriction cost estimation, or stakeholder presentation for government or regulatory approval, our project management consultants can handle them all. For more information, let’s get in touch for a quick call. 

Professional Project Management Consulting Services by MSK 

Being a specialist project management consulting services provider, we understand what all the documents required by the regulatory authorities for project compliance and approval are. Here are some of our key PMC services: 

Cost Estimation and BID Management 

Precise cost estimation being crucial for both project owners as well as stakeholders with respect to bidding, our consultants come up with the most feasible bidding numbers and documentation, keeping all possible future alterations and change orders in consideration. 

 Construction Design Audit 

As construction design, as well as stage plans, are important in terms of timeline adherence and cost approval without any delays in sanctions or financial disbursements, MSK provides a rigid design audit to point out technical as well as operational flaws that might act as project roadblocks. 

Construction Risk Assessment 

Our construction risk assessment service involves the preparation of a detailed checklist to assess all types of health and hazardous situations at the project site and recommendations as well as guideline documentation to be followed as per the government or regulatory mandates. 

Contract Review and Documentation 

With years of experience, our project management consultants are tenured in reviewing contracts/sub-contracts and suggest appropriate changes in the interest of the project to stay on time and budget without much procurement or audit issues. 

Resource and Procurement Planning 

Extracting operational figures from the construction models and translating all those into easily consumable visual cues is one of the important offerings of our project consulting services that ensure appropriate resource and procurement planning at different stages. 

Claims Management 

Be it scenario analysis, claims assessment, claim identification, claim quantification, claim pursuance, claim mitigation, claim resolution, or claim prevention, MSK Consultants provides comprehensive claims management services that you can rely on. 

Outsource Construction Project Consulting Services to MSK Consultants 

There are a number of key benefits that clients can avail of outsourcing project management consulting services to MSK. Starting from our years of experience in handling projects to a skilled team of consultants having access to advanced infrastructure, all that at a highly competitive cost. With a variety of engagement models, including hourly or FTE basis, MSK can be your PMC back-office, whether it’s an ad-hoc requirement or a long-term high-value project. If you are still unclear about your requirements and how to go about it, just contact us, and one of our senior consultants can take you through the entire process of engagement at no cost.