MSK Consultants provides a vast range of BIM services to support construction companies, architects, project owners, and contractors in adapting and implementing Building Information Modeling (BIM). With a team of experienced BIM consultants, we help clients in using the full potential of BIM 4D simulation, BIM 5D cost estimation, BIM 6D energy modeling, and more. 

Our team has access to advanced software like Revit, Navisworks, AutoCAD, and 3ds Max to deliver specialized services like – scan to BIM, BIM modeling, clash detection, and BIM model auditing. Having delivered hundreds of BIM implementation projects, we understand the project challenges and have come up with engagement models that meet your tight budget and schedules. To learn more about our capabilities and to discuss your requirements, get on a call with us today. 

BIM Outsourcing Services from MSK Consultants 

Apart from construction cost estimation and shop drawing extraction, MSK provides the following under our BIM services portfolio: 

BIM Modeling Services 

Our team helps develop BIM models in Revit from laser scan surveys, point cloud data, or from 2D drawings. As part of our BIM modeling services, we also provide clash-free MEP models for the electrical, plumbing, and HVAC systems to be visualized and referred to during construction.  

Revit Family Creation Services 

For vast commercial, residential, or industrial construction projects, MSK helps architects and project teams to avoid working on different components of the same structural or MEP units by developing a family of components in Revit based on the specifics of the project requirements. 

Scan to BIM Services 

Making use of advanced technology and the power of BIM, our team develops BIM models from point cloud data or 3D laser survey data that helps project teams in renovating, retrofitting, or recreating old buildings or structures as per their initial construction plans or modified designs.  

BIM Model Auditing 

Having worked on hundreds of projects of vivid complexity, our BIM consultants are specialized in auditing BIM models, identifying potential risks or clashes, and suggesting required design modifications for not only saving time, effort, and money but also creating a sustainable structure. 

BIM 4D Simulation 

As an advanced option compared to the conventional methods of visualization, with BIM 4D simulation service, our 3D modelers create exact construction simulations to gaze the phases of construction, the possible clashes, milestones, procurement calendar, cost, and workforce deployment at one go.  

BIM 5D Cost Estimation 

With the BIM 5D cost estimation service, our team provides the estimated cost for the project bidding, cost-loaded scheduling, and quantity takeoff after analyzing the risks and road maps of the project. This helps in delivering the project on a great note by aligning the cost to the delivery timelines.  

BIM 6D Energy Modeling 

With the futuristic BIM 6D energy modeling service, MSK Consultants helps project owners, planners, and contractors deliver projects with great potential in terms of being termed as energy-efficient. Our services include sun path analysis, green energy modeling, natural ventilation analysis, and more.  

Outsource BIM Services to the Leading BIM Company – MSK Consultants 

BIM has plenty to offer if planned and implemented properly with the help of an experienced BIM service provider. This is what MSK has been telling to prospects and clients as part of our high-value BIM consulting services. Over the years, we have witnessed and helped implementing the global standards and BIM practices to develop innovative projects with modern facilities that the world can look up to. With a team at MSK Consultants that can help you explore the true potential of BIM, contact us today to outsource your BIM implementation or maintenance requirements.