Photogrammetry comprises three separate Greek words that include ‘Photo,’ ‘Gram,’ and ‘metry,’ which means light, drawing, and measurement respectively in English. Photogrammetry gives you accurate and dependable data with measurements of physical objects from pictures to utilize them for map development, drawings, and 3D models of terrain. At MSK Consultants, our skill and proficiency in Lidar technology help us to combine traditional photogrammetry with high-density point clouds for higher efficiency and more applications for difficult projects, in particular.  

At MSK, we have a team of ASPRS-certified photogrammetrists and licensed surveyors, along with highly experienced photogrammetric technicians. Our photogrammetric mapping services are known across different industries such as aerial acquisition, digital orthophotography, land administration, and transportation. We have all the information and software to meet the requirements of utility firms and also of those concerned with geological mapping.  

Photogrammetric Engineering Services from MSK Consultants 


Our team utilizes the advanced remote sensing technique and provides various photogrammetric modeling services, including aerial photogrammetry and digital photogrammetry, among others. The various photogrammetric engineering services provided by MSK include: 

Aerial Photogrammetric Service 

Whether taken through drones, planes, or helicopters, we can process all types of aerial photogrammetric images. Our expertise enables us to pick the best possible solution for your requirements and assess the geography of the terrain. Our sophisticated photogrammetric devices help us generate extremely high-resolution acquisitions. Our aerial photogrammetric services include aerial triangulation, DEM/DTM generation, and LIDAR data post-processing, among others.  

Digital Photogrammetric Service 

At MSK, we provide a complete range of digital photogrammetry processing services. We undertake digital photogrammetry or image surveying to obtain precise 2D/3D-data. Our team achieves this task by using readily available or individually captured satellite images. We develop customized solutions to suit the requirements of our clients and implement them in a sophisticated manner.  

Benefits of Availing MSK’s Photogrammetry Services 


At MSK, we bring the best-in-class photogrammetric services to our global clients. Some of the key benefits that you get from our photogrammetric services are as follows: 

Specialist expert GIS team: Ourteam ofphotogrammetric experts is trained to work with the latest GIS technologies and has years of experience in the field.  

Precise mapping of terrain: Our photogrammetry systems can map terrain within 2 feet of preciseness.  

Visualization of terrain and 3D modeling: Our team is so skilled in 3D Modeling that it gives us complete control in the generation of planimetric features of structures. This, in turn, helps us complete the project swiftly and with absolute accuracy.  

Detailed QC process: Our finished service or product is put through intense quality control procedures, thereby ensuring our customers the best quality products and services.  

Outsource Photogrammetric Mapping to MSK Consultants 

As a civil engineering service provider, MSK ensures that you get the best photogrammetric services. This is achieved by employing the best talent in the industry and also utilizing sophisticated technologies and systems such as spatial technology and geographic information systems (GIS). By outsourcing your photogrammetric mapping requirements to us, you are connecting to a team of geospatial experts with over a decade of experience.  

Our team can easily capture statistics and figures from small to large-scale stereo models and produce digital topographic maps with very high accuracy. MSK Consultants works in close proximity with various public and private stakeholders from around the world to offer large-scale mapping for urban management and better governance.  

Whether it is consultation or data acquisition for integration, you can count on MSK to serve your photogrammetric requirements. Contact us today to get started.