Outsource Architectural Engineering Services

MSK Consultants is an engineering company offering a plethora of architectural services. Starting from developing architectural drawings to Revit modeling, 3D walkthrough, and architectural visualization – you can avail the benefits of outsourcing architectural engineering requirements to the experts at MSK. With a team of experienced project management consultants, MSK has been assisting contractors and construction firms in various stages of projects. 

Having worked on residential townships, commercial layouts, innovative structures, and industrial buildings, our team is capable of providing professional design suggestions, drafting, estimation, and visualization support. Our understanding of global building codes and the ability to incorporate the client-specified region-specific drafting standards have helped architects deliver projects seamlessly. If you are looking to offshore any bulk 2D to 3D floor plan conversion tasks or need complete PMC support for your next project, we can get started with a quick call. 

Key Architectural Services Provided by MSK Consultants 

With a team capable of visualizing your raw concept drawings into detailed 3D models in Revit to help you create a photo-realistic rendering of your interior or exteriors, MSK’s range of CAD services include the following: 

  • Architectural Drawing Service 

We create precise architectural drawings such as floor plans, site plans, elevations, interior design, HVAC installation drawings, sanitation, piping, drainage, and evacuation plans, and more. 

  • 3D Modeling Service 

Be it interior or exterior architecture or furniture modeling, MSK helps in transforming sketches, outlines, or raw drawings into detailed 3D models with realistic images aligning to exact dimensions. 

  • 3D Rendering Service 

With access to powerful infrastructure and tools such as V-Ray, SketchUp, AutoCAD, and 3ds Max, our team develops photo-realistic 3D renderings required for your architectural virtual walkthroughs. 

  • 2D and 3D Floor Plan Conversion 

Starting from converting hand-drawn sketches or legacy drawings into 2D floor plans to converting 2D drawings into 3D finish-like CAD models, we can help you edit, visualize, and improve your drawings. 

  • Retail Space Planning 

MSK is specialized in retail space planning or schematic retail layout drafting considering the space and spatial positioning of elements adhering to the client-specified store guidelines as well as scope. 

  • Architectural Visualization 

Along with 3D modeling and rendering, our architectural engineering team helps to visualize construction plans and layouts in the form of animated 3D walkthroughs and virtual tours that are architecturally accurate.  


Outsource All Your Architectural Engineering Requirements to the Specialists 

Don’t take chances when the project requires precise deliverables within a tight turnaround time. MSK has a team that has been working in the engineering outsourcing model for years and understands the prioritization matrix, whether it’s a long-term project or an ad-hoc task. Promising the most competitive pricing on 2D/3D conversions and bulk rendering services, you can also be benefitted from our project management consulting services under one specialized architectural services provider. To know more about our pricing slabs and how to get started, contact us today. 

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