Construction cost estimation helps in forecasting the cost of a building or facility that is still under construction. This will give your client a clear idea of the complete cost that will incur, right from project conception to completion. At MSK Consultants, we have a team of highly qualified construction cost estimators who can provide you with a precise cost estimate. 

This makes it convenient to forecast the cost of your undergoing project as well as the overall management cost to be submitted to the builder. MSK’s construction and engineering cost estimators offer comprehensive quantity takeoffs and pricing, right from conception to the final closeout.  

Precise Construction Budget Estimation Services from MSK Consultants 


MSK carefully and accurately assesses the unfolding of the entire construction process throughout its length or duration. Our construction cost consultants provide accurate construction budget estimation services to clients in the following areas: 

Construction Design Estimation 

At MSK, we take care of screening estimation (a forecast depending on the proposed project’s capacity). We also look into preliminary estimation (made right when conceptual design decisions are made) and engineer’s estimation (based on data, specifications, and plans of already performed projects). The detailed estimation includes definitive estimates, which are generated upon completion of drawings.  

Construction BID Estimation 

We submit bid assistance to our clients for competitive bidding or negotiation. At MSK, we provide precise, comprehensive documentation and cost estimation reports to builders, construction owners, and contractors for negotiation or bidding. Our construction bid estimation service comprises third-party quantity tabulations and quantity take-off. 

Contract Cost Review 

Contracts help in moving the risk to low tiered parties as a part of several risk management strategies. At MSK, our team of experts offers recommendations and analysis on mitigating risks to owners, attorneys, and contractors. Our tenured team has the required skillsets and expertise needed to provide ongoing support to clients to assess their contracts concerning their performance requirements. 

Quantity Takeoffs 

MSK provides to its clients’ various construction takeoff services. Our team of engineers is adept at providing a detailed plan for filling, hauling, or cutting in earthworks. We review specifications and drawings to come up with accurate plans, cost estimates, and audit projects. The team also helps clients in handling construction contracts and costs.  

Claims Pricing and Evaluation 

Construction claims occur mostly due to delay in project delivery, cost overruns, or construction defects. MSK’s claims experts are well versed with the nitty-gritty of the presentation, quantification, and evaluation of construction damages. We can easily advise our clients in regards to cost escalation, damage caused and effect, home office overhead costs, and expanded project costs, among others.  

Benefits MSK’s Quantity Takeoff and Cost Estimation Services 


At MSK Consultants, we offer the best cost estimations for building or property owners, designers, project managers, and constructors at cost-effective prices. Following are some of the benefits of outsourcing your quantity takeoff and cost estimation services to us: 

Risk mitigation assistance: The team provides our clients with the best suggestions and accurate estimation of the unseen expenditure to plan risk mitigation.  

Address facility management issues: At MSK, we give out accurate cost details related to infrastructure, workforce, and materials. That is done to delve into any issues about facility management anytime during the project.  

Comprehensive analysis and confidentiality: We perform a detailed analysis of the performance, cost quality, time, and scope of projects. We ensure the highest level of confidentiality while also promising a well-defined procedure that guarantees perfect estimations.  

Accurate cost breakup for bidding: MSK offers to its customers’ precise cost breakup of the complete project, which is aligned to the milestones for presentation as well as bidding. 


Partner with the Construction Cost Estimation Experts at MSK Consultants 


We at MSK provide a concise and clear construction takeoff for effective planning of projects. The construction cost estimation services we offer include production engineering estimation, estimation of all manufacturing, labor, testing allowances, and material cost estimation.  

Our team of qualified cost estimators takes into account materials, time, scope, equipment, and location to provide the most precise building cost estimation. We also aid in assessing your cost estimation based on project location and scope change. Let us know your investment objectives, and we will help you achieve the best possible costs without compromising on quality. Contact us now and let us know your project requirements.