Outsource Structural Fabrication Drawing Services  


MSK Consultants provides structural fabrication drawing services that involve the creation of detailed steel shop drawings reflecting the design intent. Our shop drawings help fabricators with the material and dimension details as well as the reference markups and instructions for fabrication, erection, assembly, or installation of the structural units. 

With the structural detailing specific to the columns, beams, braces, rods, trusses, angles, girt, and jamb, our team takes care of the changes to the original contract documents for the architect’s analysis or approval. Apart from being comprehensive to be referred to as a step-by-step assembly manual, our fabrication shop drawings accurately capture the design, performance, and appearance of the structure. To discuss your fabrication requirements and understand our scope and on-demand capabilities in detecting early structural design clashes, contact us. 

Fabrication Shop Drawing Services Provided by MSK Consultants  


With adherence to the required fabrication standards and detailing, our fabrication shop drawing services are as follows: 

Member Fabrication Drawings 

MSK provides detailed shop drawings for the structural members, such as the beams, trusses, columns, etc., to help you’re your team fabricating, erecting, and installing the steel structures according to the design drawings. 

Anchor Setting and Layout Plans 

With coordinated detailed drawings, our team assists project engineers and fabricators in planning the layouts and installing complex structures like plants, large commercial establishments, data centers, etc.  

Steel Erection Drawings 

Making use of software like Tekla, our team provides erection shop drawings with matching marks and detailed instructions elaborates on how to assemble shipping pieces in the field at the right position according to the contract drawings.  

Documents for Pre-fabrication Components  

The documents with all the design changes, modifications, and course corrections to avoid structural clashes help in defining the pre-fabricated components for the validation, approval, and reference of the architects and project engineers. 


Outsource Structural Shop Drawing Requirement to the Fabrication Drawing Experts at MSK


As the industry is witnessing a leaning towards complex and innovative building designs, fabricators’ and site engineers’ jobs have become even more challenging. Gazing these scenarios, MSK Consultants and Engineers has been delivering precise fabrication drawings that meet every feasible requirement in the design specific to the performance and aesthetics of the building. Supporting project approval and hassle-free assembling of the steel structures, our shop drawings, and detailed reference documents come in handy for busy project teams. With a large portfolio of architectural, civil, and BIM services, contact today to avail MSK’s range of structural engineering services at a competitive cost.