Architectural visualization, in interior design, is like an artist’s palette, but for designers. Architects, interior decorators, home builders, and real estate developers use architectural visualization services to create top-notch architectural designs of projects to showcase to their clients.MSK Consultants uses augmented reality, virtual reality, and mixed reality to help them visualize the conceptual plan. 

At MSK, our team of experienced architects provides you with the best-in-class 3D renders, thereby enabling real-estate professionals to get a detailed and realistic view of their projects and also to fix any design issues that could eventually lead to wastage in resource during the process of the project implementation.  

MSK Consultants’ 3D Visualization and Photorealistic Rendering Services 


The architectural requirements of each building will vary, and hence the building design of every structure is unique. Similarly, the techniques used to utilize architectural visualization from us will be unique and built around your requirements. Our services include: 

Architectural 3D Exterior Visualization 

Using their creative ability and analytical skills, our 3D designers conceptualize commercial, industrial, and residential properties carefully. Our exterior 3D visualization team uses artificial reality that enables you to foresee the entire project with its infrastructure and surrounding. 

Architectural 3D Interior Visualization 

Realistic 3D visualization of the interiors such as the living room, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, furniture, and lighting is created by the team using VR. This can easily help you reach out to your prospective buyers as it will give them a satisfying purchasing experience.  

Landscape Visualization 

Our team of professionals can turn around simple 2D designs or 3D models provided by you into magnificent 3D landscape rendering. You only need to provide us with clear specifications to get perfect landscape rendered services. 

Virtual Reality Walkthroughs 

We help present walkthrough animations or videos before your stakeholders. Our virtual reality walkthroughs include animated walkthroughs of commercial buildings, residences, healthcare facilities, hospitality, and industrial spaces.  

3D Architectural Animation Services 

Our 3D architectural animation services include an aerial view of the interiors and exterior flythrough, 3D bird view of the built area, and 360-degree panorama. Our team helps in customizing core ideas into architectural walkthroughs with motion videos.

Benefits of Availing MSK’s Architectural 3D Visualization Services


As part of our architectural engineering services, benefits of availing our architectural 3D visualization services include: 

Use of latest software: We use the most sophisticated 3D modeling and visualization software, such as AutoCAD, ArchiCAD, 3ds Max, Maya, V-Ray, and V-Ray 3D Rendering, among others, to bring out the best possible results.   

Information privacy: We guarantee you complete privacy of information during all the phases of your project since we believe that clients alone must decide if and when they want to put their plans out there for all to see.  

Provides flexibility: Various outputs are of significance, such as VR environment, videos, and live-updating displays, among others in the case of virtual and augmented reality.  

Use of powerful computers: Since architectural visualization quickly becomes data-sensitive, we use many powerful computers so that it becomes easy to process the visualizations.  


Outsource Architectural Visualization Requirements to MSK Consultants 


At MSK, we create sophisticated photorealistic 3D visualization that is affordable and of top quality. Having delivered computer rendering services to thousands of customers from across the globe, our team can provide quick services along with a satisfaction guarantee.  

Our experts give great attention to detail, thereby allowing you to showcase high-end products to your stakeholders. Our team creates 3D exterior and interior renderings from a simple 2D drawing with very little help from the clients using architectural creativity and visualization. Apart from our specialized CAD drafting and drawing services, contact us now to get started with your architectural 3D visualization requirements.