Privacy Policy Statement From MSK Consultants 

This is the guided privacy policy statement from MSK Consultants and Engineers Pvt Ltd. As part of this statement, MSK acknowledges the trust of the visitors while using the website. This Privacy Policy page discusses all the terms and conditions that the website visitor should go through and agree before using the website. 

Through this privacy page, MSK makes clear how the personal information collected by the website when a visitor visits site and makes an inquiries by submitting contact form or calling to the numbers. Here, the personal information includes any direct or indirect information identifying the visitor, such as the name, address, contact number, and email address, etc. Here onwards, in this policy document – the word ‘you’ refers to the website visitor or visitors and ‘website’ refers to ‘’  


MSK Policy on Information Collection and Usage 

MSK does not collect any personally identifiable information (PII) unless the site visitor provides them explicitly for communication, replying, or getting updated information from MSK. Also, the name, contact number, email id, etc. provided by the visitor are used by MSK only to enhance the services to the visitors and never rent, sell, or distribute the visitor PII data. However, MSK clarifies that unless requested not to by the visitor, MSK may contact the visitor in the future to provide information about new services, products, promotions, and Privacy Policy updates. 

Information collected by MSK Consultants include: 

  • Preference Data: Usually include the visitor’s contact preferences. 
  • Profile and Account Data: May include website account information such as profile, password, service purchases, and registry information for personalized communication. 
  • Demographic Data: May include birth date, gender, zip code, and information about the visitor.  
  • Location Data: May include the location information of the device the visitor uses while accessing MSK’s mobile application if the device settings are enabled and set to allow location information to be collected. 
  • Device Data, Log Data, and Browsing Data: May include the information about the visitor’s computer, phone, or tablet, or any other device used for using the website and the online browsing activities during website visit. Information that’s automatically collected might include device identifiers, cookie, browser settings, IP addresses, and internet service provider information.  


Usage of Cookies and Automatic Collection Methods 

While surfing MSK website, the devices used by visitors store the web analytics cookies that MSK uses only for the purpose of behavioral analysis to further improve the visitor experiences on the website. The third-party applications used by MSK may collect such information from the visitor’s devices used to browse and access the website .   

Automatic information collection methods used by MSK are as follows: 

  • Cookies: Session based and are small data files that are stored on the visitor’s device, or internet browser used by the visitor. 
  • Web Beacons: Small images that are embedded into emails or websites, sending information about the visitor’s website surfing device used to interact with MSK website. 
  • Website and Mobile Log Files: Created automatically when associated to access or use MSK website. 


Google Analytics Advertising 

MSK has enabled the Google Analytics Advertising that is to collect data regarding the website visitors. This process include collection of information specific to demography, interest, data collection via different forms of cookies. MSK completes adheres to Google policies and does not or will not identify users to merge any PII and non-PII data collected through any Google advertising features or products without explicit prior consent of visitors. 


Google Analytics Advertising Features Opt-Out 

Visitors who choose not to provide any Personal Information to MSK through the Google Analytics Advertising feature that is included on MSK website can click the Google Analytics Opt-out link and select not to participate in this feature. This instantly prevents Google Analytics from gathering information about the website visitor. MSK suggests the visitors to click the link, download, and install the Google Analytics Opt-out Add-on (by Google) on their web browsers. 


Information Security and Data Privacy 

MSK Consultants values the security of website visitor’s personal information and is proactive in taking steps to protect the confidentiality and privacy of the information shared by the visitors when they use and access MSK’s website. However, saying this, MSK is unable to guarantee the security of visitor’s personal information considering the fact that internet cannot be perfectly secure. 

MSK requests all visitors to be extra vigilant and follow the standard data security best practices. Some of them can be as follows: 

  • Review account periodically and report unexpected activity or unrecognized information. 
  • Install recent security updates and anti-virus software on your computer to prevent viruses and malware. 
  • Employ complex passwords following the standard best practices. 
  • Don’t use the same password across websites and never share the password with others. 
  • Protect your computer and mobile device via passwords or other secure digital mediums. 
  • Log out of your website sessions always, particularly when utilizing public or work computer.  


MSK Policy Updates 

Any updates to MSK’s Policy Statements are at the discretion of MSK only and the visitors are encouraged to check it periodically for any alterations. By continuing to use MSK’s services featured on this site, the visitor is considered to agree to acknowledging the modifications to the changed Policy Statement. 


Contact Us 

If the visitor at any point of time has any questions or concerns concerning to this privacy policy statement, please write to at – [email protected]